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DotAlign is a Manhattan-based startup that provides software that delivers productivity and relationship insights. Our software automatically extracts intelligence from data sources like email, calendar, contacts, LinkedIn, and CRM and answers questions such as which colleague can best provide a given introduction, which important contacts and companies you’re falling out of touch with, who hasn’t replied to your email request, and more.


DotAlign can be used by one individual without requiring any sort of external setup or sharing. When used in that way, it provides a host of productivity features that can help a user save time and effort. In this mode, absolutely no data leaves the user’s computer. All processing and storage is local. You pick what mailboxes (and optionally LinkedIn) should be analyzed, and within minutes you start seeing People, Companies, and other insights from DotAlign.


In addition to the “Standalone” functionality, users inside an enterprise can also choose to share information about People and Companies with each other. This allows teams to have knowledge about “who knows who” at their fingertips, which can translate into better directed and more efficient business development efforts.
Just like in the Standalone mode, users choose what mailboxes DotAlign should analyze. Then separately, they choose which People and Companies should be shared with team members, and at what level.
Similar to the standalone mode, no data leaves an enterprise's firewall even when sharing is turned on.


DotAlign for Outlook

DotAlign for Outlook is a plugin for Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 that sits alongside your Outlook application and provides a wealth of information about People and Companies, along with productivity enhancing features, saving you time and effort.

DotAlign Mobile

DotAlign Mobile provides the same relationship intelligence for business networking, delivered via a mobile web app. Enterprise clients can run DotAlign Mobile on their corporate Intranet. Alternatively, DotAlign Mobile can be accessed via a service hosted securely by DotAlign. Either way, our architecture ensures that no one can read your email, not even us.
We are providing access to both editions of DotAlign on a selective basis. Please email team@dotalign.com for access.


We are proud to have a great team that brings together very diverse skills and experiences and has a proven track record together.

Product & Engineering

Josh Quintus
Principal Software Engineer
Wenye Zhang
Software Engineer

Board Members

Christopher Morin
Board Member
Robert Holthausen
Board Member


Anmol Bhandari
Drew Pearson

Contact Us

To request a trial of DotAlign, or if you have any questions or comments, please reach out via:

Email: team@dotalign.com
Phone: 212 706 8630
Street Address: 257 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018