Strong relationships drive top-line growth

DotAlign software helps clients leverage relationships to unlock growth and economic value – whether for deals, raising capital, introductions or recruitment.

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About us

DotAlign Cloud automatically and intelligently extracts relationship insights and contact information from structured and unstructured data sources like email messages, meeting requests, contact cards, LinkedIn and CRM, and answers questions such as who knows who, how well they are known, and the most effective way to reach them. The DotAlign team is based in New York city and brings together decades of experience building private and secure enterprise solutions.

Use cases

What is Alexandra Hugo’s latest contact information?

Do we know any senior executives at Reed Erasmus?

Does any colleague know Bruce Leung?

What founder relationships do we have?

Can I get a relationship report for a list of leads?

When did we last reach out to Sam Roberts?

Can I control what I share with my colleagues?

Products & Solutions
  • DotAlign Cloud

    DotAlign Cloud

    Our full suite of relationship insights in our cloud based platform

  • API


    A rich API to power your in-house integrations

  • Salesforce sync

    Salesforce sync

    A powerful tool to update and maintain your Salesforce instance with clean, de-duped data right from your mailboxes

  • SQL Server sync

    SQL Server sync

    Sync your DotAlign dataset into a Microsoft SQL Server database to power in-house development or reporting



Relationship insights

View a clean list of people and companies your team interacts with, each relationship assigned a score. Instantly find out who know who and how well.

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  • scores

    Relationship strength scores

    See relationships that matter to your firm most, based on interaction data, recency, contact responsiveness & more

  • leads

    Analyze leads

    Quickly analyze thousands of contacts or companies and see exactly who you should pitch first and why

  • influencers

    Key influencers

    Easily see which companies your own firm knows best so you can prioritize and get warm introductions



Intelligent automation

Goodbye manual data entry and out of date contact information. You nurture your relationship, and DotAlign will organize and score them, and keep their information up to date.

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  • arrows-to-circle

    Entity alignment and de-duplication

    Based on clues in the data, DotAlign will automatically line up people and company identities to always present a clean, de-duplicated, and up to date list to users. No more manual work to merge or split identities.

  • compare

    Signature block analysis

    DotAlign analyzes signature blocks to automatically extract up to date contact information like phone number, snail mail address, job title and company affiliation, from them.

  • buildings

    Contact's work history

    Based on email messages, meetings and contact cards, DotAlign can automatically construct the job history of your contacts, even as they move to new jobs, so you always have the full picture.



Secure yet collaborative

Built using best-in-breed security, where access is controlled by your enterprise's Azure Active Directory, and all data remains exclusively within the enterprise's network. No external parties, including DotAlign, Inc. have any access.

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  • share

    Share insights

    DotAlign Cloud allows the creation of sharing groups that can be directly linked to your Active Directory groups

  • lock

    Keep private relationships private

    Mark a relationship as private to keep it out of the view of others

  • control

    Control what's shared

    Enterprises can set up default sharing rules but each contributor can decide what they're willing to share with colleagues



Privacy first, compliance-friendly approach

Control at every level - enterprise, team, and the individual employee. Private from the ground up in a way that addresses human sensibilities around relationship data. Helps with data compliance including CCPA and GDPR.

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  • premise

    Data always remains on-premises

    Enterprises control their data at all times. Users opt-in to share what they are comfortable with.

  • encrypte

    All data is encrypted

    Data is encrypted at rest and in motion and is exclusively accessible by authorized users at your enterprise. DotAlign, Inc. does not have access to any of your data.

  • compliance

    Compliance friendly

    DotAlign runs in your Azure cloud instance in single-tenant mode. It is trusted by blue chip enterprises and FINRA firms.



API first, CRM and integration friendly

Data and functionality where your users are -whether in Salesforce, LinkedIn, Outlook, stand-alone, mobile, or via an API to power other enterprise application and reporting needs.

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  • chrome-extension

    Chrome/Edge extension

    Get more value from your web properties by adding DotAlign Cloud's Chrome extension with zero effort. The extension can come to life on your in-house or SaaS websites and privately provide access to relationship data in a fully functional sidebar

  • cloud

    CRM and SQL Server sync

    DotAlign Cloud can automatically sync your relationship data set into your Salesforce CRM or into a SQL Server database

  • api


    DotAlign Cloud has a rich API that allows customers to feed insights to in-house or third-party applications.

Use your warmest relationships to find the best leads

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DotAlign Cloud is priced based on the number of mailboxes being analyzed and the pricing includes support and most enhancements and new features

  • 25 mailboxes

    $ 50 mailbox / month

    $ 600 per mailbox / year

  • 50 mailboxes

    $ 42 mailbox / month

    $ 504 per mailbox / year

  • 100 mailboxes

    $ 38 mailbox / month

    $ 456 per mailbox / year

  • 250 mailboxes

    $ 35 mailbox / month

    $ 420 per mailbox / year

  • 500 mailboxes

    $ 31 mailbox / month

    $ 372 per mailbox / year

  • 1000 mailboxes

    $ 29 mailbox / month

    $ 348 per mailbox / year

Over 1000 mailboxes?

We can help with large/enterprise-wide deployments. Please reach out for custom pricing.

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    Afsheen Afshar

    Senior Technical Advisor

    CEO, Pilot Wave Holdings

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    Amitoj Kapoor

    Software Engineer

    DotAlign, Inc

  • team member photo
    Christopher Morin

    Member, Board of Directors

    Principal, Vanitas Capital Ventures

  • team member photo
    David Mars

    Member, Board of Directors

    Managing Partner, White Owl Capital

  • team member photo
    Jaspreet Bakshi

    CTO and Co-Founder

    DotAlign, Inc

  • team member photo
    Robert Holthausen

    Member, Board of Directors

    Professor, The Wharton School

  • team member photo
    Tripp Shriner

    Board Observer

    Partner, Point72 Ventures

  • team member photo
    Vince Scafaria

    CEO and Co-Founder

    DotAlign, Inc


Our customers

Houlihan, Cowen and several others use DotAlign Cloud to supercharge their relationship intelligence

  • houlihan logo

    Houlihan Lokey, Inc., is an American multinational independent investment bank and financial services company. Its main service lines include mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, restructuring and distressed M&A, fairness opinions, and valuations.

  • cowen logo

    Cowen Inc., is an American multinational independent investment bank and financial services company with services including investment banking, equity and credit research, sales and trading, global prime brokerage, outsourced trading, and actively managed alternative investment products.

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